A Ghoulish Overhaul

The Ghoulish perk in Fallout 4 really does suck. It’s trash and a waste of points. The Ghoulish perk does not stop the accumulation of Rads, only healing during rads. So what this mod aims to do is change up the way rads are handled in the game so that radiation immunity can be a thing.

Rank 1 0.5 hp per 1 Rad/s
Rank 2 1 hp per 1 Rad/s
Rank 3 1.5 hp per 1 Rad/s

This Mod:
Rank 1. 1/3 Radiation resistance and 0.5 hp per 1 Rad/s. -1 Rad/s.
Rank 2. 2/3 Radiation resistance and 1 hp per 1 Rad/s. -2.5 Rad/s.
Rank 3. Radiation immunity(99%) and 1.5 hp per 1 Rad/s. -10 Rad/s.


For some reason, the rad healing feature of this mod is based on how many rads the user is taking currently. Meaning any radiation resistance will have a negative impact on this perk. Pretty crappy right? While I haven’t fixed this I have instead added up to 99% radiation immunity with -x rad/s constantly. Adding the tag immune to radiation renders this perk entirely useless.

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