Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource

This resource accomplishes the following things:

  1. Creates a standardized framework for armor and cosmetics keywords for mod authors to prevent conflicts
  2. Standardizes armor and cosmetics slot usage to prevent conflicts (contributed by all major cosmetics mod authors).
  3. Creates a standard armor and weapons workbench to be utilized for crafting items added by mods.
  4. Adds a standard ma keyword for use by weapon modders, a set of OMODs for damage upgrades for blade weapons, and dn keywords for Tactical Light, Laser Sight, & Tactical Light/Laser Sight combo OMODs.
  5. Adds sorting keywords for weapon calibers to make it easier for weapon modders to set up their gun mods for dynamic sorting.

Additionally, the OBTS must have a minimal definition as follows (if the item already has OBTE defined, do not change it; below is only for items where OBTE is undefined):

  • OBTE – Count = 1
  • OBTS Parts A Count = 0
  • OBTS Parts B Count = 0
  • OBTS Unknown (first instance) = 00 00 00 00 FF FF 01
  • OBTS Unknown (second instance) = 00 00

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