Armorsmith Extended Mod for Fallout 4

Armorsmith Extended Mod does ten things.

One, every outfit in the game can now be worn under armor pieces and all armor pieces should show up when equipped.

Two, every hat and helmet in the game that doesn’t cover your face can be worn with bandanas & gas masks.

Three, every outfit and every hat & helmet in the game can have ballistic weave armor added to it.

Four, I completely redid the entire clothing modding system from scratch. There are now 5 different types of mods: Lining mods, outfit add-on
mods, headgear add-on mods, Glove mods, and eyewear mods. The categories of what mods are available for a specific item correspond with which of
these 5 categories are present on that item.

Five, adds new craftable outfits, headgear, gloves, custom Dogmeat armors, Helmets/Hats With Hair, Under Helmet Flight Cap & BOS/Sack Hoods, Nudifying Rings, Invisible Therm Optics Combat Armor, Pistol Harness, Katana Belt, Sniper Rifle on back, & a working jetpack to be crafted from the new custom Armorsmith Workbench in the crafting menu in the settlement building screen.

Six, all clothing items are moddable now and are also rename-able.

Seven, I made this mod compatible with Legendary Modification by teaLz.

Eight, for the master armorsmith/scientists out there I’ve implemented a new craftable set of armor called Therm Optics Combat Armor. Using stealth
technology it is now possible to create cloaked combat armor pieces. Also the chestpiece can be modded with a therm optics booster that will extend the cloaking field around the user when standing still and sneaking. There is a known bug with this: These new Therm Optic armor pieces will not automatically unequip previously worn armor, you have to do that manually. This was was the only way to do invisible armor with properly functioning mods.

Nine, this mod is now fully compatible with Valdacil’s Item Sorting. Choose the sort clothes by class option to have your apparel sorted in a way that compliments the changes made to clothing by Armorsmith Extended. I highly recommend this mod. Also to make the inventory sorting experience even better I also recommend DEF_INV – Improved inventory beta by Neanka. It makes a bunch of UI improvements and does cool stuff like replacing sorting tags with icons. From here on out Armor Keywords Community Resource (AKCR) by Valdacil and Gambit77 is a required file for AE, as the ArmorKeywords.esm contains the framework to make AE compatible with VIS without compatibility patches.

Ten, I optimized the slot usage for all vanilla clothing to use the minimum amount of slots necessary for things to work properly.  This was done to free up slots for use by modders for clothing and accessories.  This was set up to use the Slot Usage Standard. Revision(3/25/2016)
30 – Hair on top of head/most hats
31 – long hair/flight cap linings/under helmet/hat hoods
32 – FaceGenHead (used if your worried about the face clipping through a full face mask)
33 – Full outfits – Shoes/Boots
34 – Left Hand
35 – Right Hand
36 – Arm Add-on (Bracelets), Melee weapon on back
37 – Torso Layered Add-on (Jackets)
38 – Separate Tops (for vanilla outfits that need a second slot to show all armatures-Cage/Spike/ChildofAtom)
39 – Leg Add-on (Gun on Hip/Tights/Stockings/Vanilla outfits that need a third slot to show all armatures-ChildofAtom)
40 – Separate Pants/Shorts/Skirts
41 – Torso armor
42 – Left Arm armor
43 – Right Arm armor
44 – Left Leg armor
45 – Right Leg armor
46 – Masks that cover face/headbands/(hats/helmets/hoods meant to show all hair)
47 – Eyes (Glasses/Eyepatchs)
48 – Beard (surgical mask/lower face masks)
49 – Mouth (surgical mask/lower face masks)(toothpick/cigarette/joint/cigar/blunt/lip rings)
50 – Necklace/Scarfs
51 – Ring
54 – Backpacks/ Capes/ Cloaks
55 – Satchels
56 – Shoulder Harnesses/Bandoliers
57 – Plate Carrier/Cargo Pack Vests(front and back torso)/ Belts(utility belts/gunbelts/sword belts)/ Capes/Cloaks(alternate backup slot)
58 – Body Jewelry (piercings)/ Gun on back
61 – Off-Hand Accessories (Sword Sheath/Decorative Gun/SOS if they need a Dong slot)

This mod was made from scratch with FO4Edit.


Direct Link:  Armorsmith-Automatron-DLC-v2.75-2228-2-75.rar (266 downloads)

Download from Nexus

Credit: Gambit77

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