Cyan’s Armor Mod

This mod adds some new features: Ballistic Weave has been expanded to include all reasonable clothing, outfits, and hats. Includes three options covered below

Dogmeat’s Vault Suits

Dogmeat will wear this under all equipable items, so you can still equip him with any collars, backpacks, goggles, armors, etc.

Minuteman Combat Armor

This is a standalone modification to original mod by DoktorSoviet, It adds a new “Minuteman” paintjob

Assault Marine Armor Minuteman Paintjob

This mod adds new paintjob.That Available only for Assault armor (no Minuteman textures for Zealot’s and Inquisitor’s marine armor).

Catwoman Suit

This is the first time I had uploaded a file, so take it ease on me. Actually isn’t “my mod” I’ve relied in a bunch of mods to make a custom outfit to look like the catwoman’s outfit.