Assaultron Miscellaneous Armor

This Mod Adding Several Assaultoron Parts. All Parts Vanilla Mashup. Use Vanilla Resource. No Original.All Parts Can Make Robotworkbench.

Important: An Added Torso armor and sentry Head Armor are Parts Of Torso Body of This mod exclusive use. A clipping is done besides that.


  • Two Esp. One is a Unique Robot Companion Makes One Set. Another is a Parts Only.
  • Please choose either. It can’t be used at the same time both.


  • General Rowdy: GNN Plaza Underground.
  • Onslaught: Super-Duper Mart Parking garage in the Glowing Sea. No Map Marker Locate.
  • Cookie Teddy: General Atomics Galleria. in the Back Alley Bowling.

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