Catwoman Suit

This is the first time I had uploaded a file, so take it ease on me. Actually isn’t “my mod” I’ve relied in a bunch of mods to make a custom outfit to look like the catwoman’s outfit.

Retex Skeletons

A simple re-texture Mod. More dirty skeleton and skeletons clothes texture. It is twice the resolution of vanilla texture.

The Scavenger – Vanilla – CBBE

This mod adds a new outfit to Fallout 4 – with four different variants. Vanilla & CBBE supported!

Preston Garvey Song Pipboy Radio

I have created a song with the voice files of Preston Garvey, with my own music. With this mod you can go under radio section of your Pipboy and activate your personal radio which plays my song.

The Death Warrant

Its incendiary and explosive and to even it out i made the reload animation SUPER slow, tell me if it needs to be shorter