Immersive Coffee Mod

This mod adds a recipe in the Cooking Station for “Immersive Coffee” that gives you Caffeinated buff in HC and fixes a bit of HP. Make it with water and silt bean.


BirdFollower adds “Crow Follower” , “Seagull Follower” to the game.

Gigaton Radium Rifle

This adds a stand alone variant of the Kiloton Radium Rifle that has an available slot for legendary mods while keeping the explosive effect. It also changes caliber to 5.56.

Chain Rifle

This mod adds 1 custom keyword, ap_gun_ChainMag, for it’s custom mods to use. Only other option I’ve found involves scripting the changes using functions/methods I don’t understand and couldn’t create even if I did.

K-9 Harness – Tactical Body Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat

K-9 Harness: Tactical Body Armor (and Backpack) adds a new modular body armor with brand new meshes & textures for Dogmeat, designed after modern-day Military and Police K-9 Unit harnesses.