Automatron EyeBot Companions Mod

This mod adds EyeBots to the Robot Workbench. They work like any other Robot companion, and have a range of customisation options. And yes, you can turn Ada into an EyeBot, and as a new feature, EyeBot-ed companions can now be un-EyeBot-ed. As of v0.9a, EyeBots can now be painted in 50+ different colors for their visors and shells, for a total of over 2500 unique combinations. And yep, it now includes Sonya’s model! Oh and as of v0.99a, thanks to the generous texturing of mkdo40 (whose mod Wasteland Imports you should definitely check out if you’re finding yourself missing the Mojave), it now has a proper Duraframe (ED-E!), with optional numberplate and sticker. Ya. And even more stuff. Just, so much stuff. SO MUCH VALUE IN THIS MOD.

Plus, as a less-than-serious bonus they can be used as Torsos with the various legs. Arms don’t really hang around right but it’s still great.

Obviously, this mod requires Automatron.



The component lists for many of these items don’t fit on Bethesdas gigantic console-focussed interface without scrolling. If you think you have all the ingredients and perks and the recipe is still grayed out, please try scrolling.

Various Paint/Decals

A lot of the Paints/Decals, especially those for factions from this game and others, have minimum level or quest requirements (usually completion of the first quest in that faction’s quest line).

Atomic Radio Tuner:

For this tuner to work you’ll need the Atomic Radio mod, found on Bethmods or here (download link is in the menu at the top). It’s great and I heartily recommend it.


  • EyeBot (Submersible) Propulsion System (Legs) – Makes it an actual EyeBot with working EyeBot weapons etc. Precludes arms.
  • EyeBot Propulsion System Upgrade (Legs): Improves movement speed.
  • EyeBot Core (Torso) – Needed for EyeBot Frames, needed for most EyeBot mods. Prevents use of a Head.
  • EyeBot Frame (Torso) – This is what makes it look like an EyeBot, and also acts as Armor, though it may have other effects.
  • EyeBot Sensor Package (Torso): Like the Mr Handy eyes, sets the Combat AI, can improves perception and eventually accuracy. Requires EyeBot Torso.
  • EyeBot AI (Torso) – Determines the aggression of your EyeBot buddy.
  • EyeBot Hat (Torso) – Choose a hat – generally requires the appropriate hat in your inventory to show up and a piece of cloth (or fiberglass in some cases) to build.
  • EyeBot Radio (Torso) – Select a Radio Station for your EyeBot to play, or No Radio to turn it off.
  • EyeBot Duraframe Accessory: Exclusive to the Duraframe, choose an Accessory, including ED-E’s numberplates!
  • EyeBot Paint – Shell (Paint) – Does what it says on the tin.
  • EyeBot Paint – Visor (Paint) – Also does what it says on the tin. Doesn’t affect the Excavation Frame.
  • EyeBot Decal (Paint) – Adds Decals to your EyeBot’s Visor. Doesn’t affect the Excavation Frame.
  • EyeBot Weapon (EyeBot Weapon) – Requires EyeBot Thruster for technical reasons. Primary weapon type for EyeBots. Most recipes will only show up if you have the playable weapon they’re based on in your inventory.


Automatron EyeBot Companions (v1.3a)-11459-v1-3a.7z 137.6 MB

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