Better Mod Descriptions Mod for Fallout 4

A further note: There’s a known bug in Fallout 4 which can cause the game to crash when attempting to load a save file which is missing 4+ plugins. If this happens, you can circumvent this issue by forcibly loading the save file via console commands, use F4SGE to clear your save file of any references to missing plugins or simply rename new plugins to their old names until the bug doesn’t trigger.


Compatibility versions only modify the descriptions of modifications that are actually changed by the to-be compatible mod. You need the main BMD file as well as the compatible version. Load Order should be: Main BMD File followed by Other Mod followed by Other Mod Compatible BMD File.


Additionally, a Google Spreadsheet with all vanilla base & Automatron weapons and their respective modifications as well as
legendary effects can be found under the articles tab.

Tired of Better Recoil, Exceptional Damage or Poor Range? Want to know how much a Dense Chestpiece actually reduces explosive damage? Try some actual numbers on your mods!

Better Mod Descriptions strives to give you some actual information on what each armor and weapon mod does by changing the descriptions of each and every modification.


It leaves all values at their vanilla setting and merely lists them all – including some which weren’t actually noted in the old descriptions but still present. Using BMD does not make your weapon mods stronger or weaker in any way.

So, what does Better Weapon Mod Descriptions do exactly? Here’s an example, using the Hunting Rifle .50 Receiver:

Old Description: Exceptional Damage. Changes ammo type to .50 Caliber. Improved rate of fire.
“Exceptional” they said. “Improved” they said. Join the vaguey, they said.

Better Mod Descriptions: +75% Damage. Uses .50 Rounds. +25% Fire Rate. -25% Reload Time.
+75% Damage? Don’t mind if I do! +25% Fire Rate? Yes please! Wait, .50 Receivers decrease the Reload Time too? Who knew!

These kinds of changes have been applied to all armor and weapon mods (including unique items/effects and legendary modifiers) in the game, revealing actual numbers and sometimes even previously unknown modifiers for those who like their descriptions actually, well, descriptive.

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Credit: Takaru Minari

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