Bunker Builder

Bunker Builder is an underground Bunker that allows you to build a seamless / npc friendly bunker underground. Prefabs are provided as well as a location on the Northern part of the map. You will find it just North of Tenpines Bluff and you will need the key to gain access to the building.

Bunker-Builder-1 Bunker-Builder


  • Random Raider Raids
  • 8 Settlement Build Pieces
  • A Massive Underground Facility to Build In
  • 100% Settler Friendly
  • A Holotape Clip
  • Install / Uninstall Blueprints

How do Raids Work?

  • Raid times are randomly determined from a random amount of hours.
  • Raid times will only occur when the player is present.
  • Number of NPC spawns is randomly determined as well.
  • There are several spawn locations and it will also randomly determine where to spawn them.
  • You must be active / working in and out of the Workshop for any events to trigger.
  • Basically work your ass off and you may be rewarded with Raiders.
  • All Raiders are spawned off a Leveled List, so they scale as much as you do.


Drag / Drop everything into your Data Directory.


Visit the Settlement and you will gain access to a new menu tab.

Structures -> Bunker Builder


There are no compatibility issues. This uses a different type of Menu injection only provided through cell entering and exit. Which means to uninstall this modification safely you simply just need to leave the location and then uninstall.


Not until Bethesda fixes their site.

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