Carry Weight Modification for Fallout 4

For those of us who hate inventory management and shuffling items to followers, this mod is for you!

There are two parts to this mod! The first contains a modification to your base carry weight (default 200). The second contains a modification to the bonus carry weight you get from increasing your strength (default 10).


There are eight options for modifying your default carry weight:

  • CarryWeight100.esp
  • CarryWeight250.esp
  • CarryWeight300.esp
  • CarryWeight500.esp
  • CarryWeight1000.esp
  • CarryWeight2000.esp
  • CarryWeight9999.esp
  • CarryWeight99999.esp

Choose only one of these to use, otherwise the last .esp loaded will take effect. Note that the first file, CarryWeight100.esp reduces your base carry weight.

If you are installing via Nexus Mod Manager simply choose the desired file when activating the mod.

There are five options for modifying your bonus carry weight:

  • CarryWeight5Strength.esp
  • CarryWeight25Strength.esp
  • CarryWeight50Strength.esp
  • CarryWeight100Strength.esp
  • CarryWeight200Strength.esp

Again, choose only one of these .esps to use. Again, select the desired rate when installing. Note that the first file reduces strength gain from levels.


In order to see default carry weight changes reflected in game (aka in order to make this mod work), you must make the game update your carryweight capacity. You can do this via console commands, by equipping/deequipping a plus strength item, by drinking alcohol, by getting into a suit of power armour – anything that will prompt an update to carry weight. You need to do this so the game is not simply reading your carry weight from your save, but instead checks against the GMST value that this mod alters.

The following console commands will work to update base carry weight easily:

player.modav strength 1
player.modav strength -1

This will update your carry weight without changing your other stats. Make sure you use player.modav, not player.setav. Never use player.forceav!!


NMM-Installer-Default-and-Bonus-Carry-Weight-214-2-0.rar (110 downloads)

Credit: The Iron Rose

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