Gorgeous VAULT-GIRL Mod for Fallout 4

Vault-Girl 2.0 is released which gives her a more natural look, with the help of Fuse00’s Valkyr Textures.
It also takes the place of PRESET 1 in the face editor in-game. Which eliminates the need to use face transfer methods.

Unlock All Hairstyles At Game Start Mod for Fallout 4

Unlock All Hairstyles At Game Start Mod allows you to use the 14 male hairstyles and 8 female hairstyles that are normally not yet available at game start while creating your character.

Almost Perfect Mod for Fallout 4

Almost Perfect Mod allows the player to spend enough perk points for either 10 in every skill and 3 in the last one, or 9 in every skill for that “Almost” perfect character.

[PC] Ross NPC Mod for Fallout 4

Ross NPC Mod adds an NPC named “Ross” in the Brahmin cage in Abernathy Farm. The NPC also has a Legendary Revolver “Ross’s Revolver” that you don’t have to reload.