Clintsters Vendor Cash Registers Mod for Fallout 4

Clintsters Vendor Cash Registers Mod adds 18 stand alone Cash Registers to be used as Settlement vendors.

Ever get fed up with trying to place the big bulky vendor stands that take up all that room with there sighs sticking through the roof of a shack, get tired of doing your trading out in the rain because the stands are just to tall in a shack. Ever think it Would be nice to make use of the counter in the house in Covenant or the counters at Boston Airport or all that extra counter space at Bunker Hill. Wouldn’t it nice to just place a cash register on one of those counters or use the counter found in the workshop for a vender. Now you can with Vendor Cash Registers.

There is a register for each category and for each level for vender found in Resources>Stores.



  • Unpack the Zip to the folder of your choice, Drag and drop the DATA folder to your Fallout4 game folder (were the data folder and .exe is at) allow for overwrite if asked

Or use NMM

To uninstall:


  • Remove the Vender_Cash Register .esp from your Data folder and remove Clintster74 from your Textures, meshes and Materials folders



Clintsters_Vender_Cash_Registers_small_clean_textures-11476-1-0-2.7z (133 downloads)

Credits: Clintster74_lapdragon

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