Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Drain

This mod allows you to change how quickly power armor fusion cores drain.  There are several options, and keep on the lookout for the upcoming modular version!

If you choose No Drain, the suit still has to have a core.

Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Drain
Configurable Power Armor Fusion Core Drain


  • 1. Unzip your preferred .esp from the downloaded file into Fallout4/Data/
  • 2.  In %Appdata%/local/Fallout4 edit plugins.txt (Most likely C:/Users/–user–/AppData/Local/Fallout4) – AppData is a hidden folder!

Add the filename (including .esp) of the esp you added to /Data/ to the end of the plugins.txt file as a new line!! Save the file, and set as read-only if you are experiencing issues.  (The ini change below in step 3 should mean that you don’t have to set this as read-only)


# This file is used by Fallout4 to keep track of your downloaded content.

# Please do not modify this file.

No Fusion Core Drain.esp
  • 3. Edit Fallout4Prefs.ini in ~MyDocuments/My Games/Fallout 4

Add bEnableFileSelection=1 to the [Launcher] section at the bottom.

  • 4.  Launch the game!


Configurable-Fusion-Core-Drain-1.6-325-1-6.7z (274 downloads)

Credit: RAWberry400

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