[Fallout 4 Mods] Craftable Ammo

Craftable Ammo Mod gives Fallout 4 players the ability to craft ammunition. As of right now, almost every type of ammunition has been added. If anyone has any recommendations for a different crafting recipe that makes sense with the materials given in-game, let me know. This mod was made to capitalize on something Bethesda left out of the game and that was needed in my eyes. Thank you for downloading and keep your eye on this mod, updates may be coming soon!


Manual installation:

  • Extract CraftableAmmo.esp and CraftableAmmo_plus.esp into your \Data folder
  • Edit file C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Fallout4\plugins.txt
  • add CraftableAmmo.esp and CraftableAmmo_plus.esp to the list.
    set this file to read-only
  • You’ll find recipes on Chemistry station under Utility section.


Craftable Ammo 0.9-798-0-9.7z 2 KB

Credit: kr1ck

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