Craftable Armor Size Mod for Fallout 4

This mod enables Light, Sturdy and Heavy armor mods in the armor workbench.

Requires the perk Armorer rank 3 for Sturdy upgrades, and Armorer rank 4 for Heavy upgrades.

Misc mod items are also created when replacing a modification, so you can downgrade a random [Heavy Chest] and apply it to that [★Legendary Light Chest]you just got off a gunner.

It works on all Leather, Metal, Combat, Raider and Synth armor parts.

This plugin maintains balance by adding perk requirements and reasonable material cost to the added recipes.


New optional plugin: Fix Material Perk Requirements

When it comes to material upgrades, the game uses different recipes for the same material mod, based on the size of the armor, with different requirements.

Each recipe applies the same mod, with the same crafting materials. The only difference is that applying the same exact mod on a heavy version, rather than light, has different perk requirements.
The game however does not stop you from moving the same mod between sizes.


  • You want to upgrade your heavy legendary leather piece to “shadowed”.
  • You do not have the requirement to upgrade heavy leather to shadowed (it requires Armorer 04).
  • You can however, without an issue, upgrade a light leather to shadowed (it requires Armorer 01), detach the mod, and attach it to your legendary heavy piece.
  • It doesn’t even have anything to do with being able to craft size upgrades, this is just a broken vanilla behavior.

This optional plugin gets rid of the extra recipes for medium and heavy, and only uses the recipe for the light version, thus removing the unnecessary step the game forces you to take.


Craftable-Armor-Size-4550-1-3-0.7z (158 downloads)

Credit: John Doe Bowler

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