[Fallout 4 Mods] Crafting Workbenches Mod

This mod adds three workbenches you can place in your settlement from the settlement mode, with models and animations like the vanilla workbenches, that allows crafting instead of weapons or armor customization. At these workbenches you are able to craft melee and ranged weapons, ammo, armor and power armor of all kinds, clothing, outfits, helmets, glasses, masks as well as bobby pins and other miscellaneous items. Other than that they look and sound like they usual, with settlers interacting with them as well.

The mod is separated in modules, so you can choose which types of items you want to be able to craft. The main file is meant as an immersive and “realistic” crafting alternative, with only post-war weapons and armor available. Optional files are available to enable crafting of all kinds of items, such as pre-war military weapons and power armor parts.



Base mod:

  • Workbenches you can craft items at, with custom models. No more chemistry station weapons crafting!
  • Immersive crafting system for post-war weapons, armor and clothing! Give me a tips in the comments for things you miss!
  • Extends crafting of grenades and drugs at the chemistry station as well, making previously unavailable ones craftable.
  • Balanced and varied component requirements and perk requriements for all items.
  • Sorted categories for all craftables, unique to each workbench and area of crafting.
  • Uses the AWKCR as framework, which consolidates keywords and allows mod makers to add items to the workbenches themselves.

Craftable ammunition (optional):

  • Adds another workbench where you can craft and disassemble ammunition.
  • Three choosable ammunition crafting modes:
    • 1. Basic ammunition crafting lets you craft basic ammo using default in-game components.
    • 2. Ammunition Crafting Extended adds an extra layer of immersion and lets you craft ballistic ammo New Vegas-style, requiring ammo casings, primers, gunpowder etc.
    • 3. Special Ammo Crafting lets you craft any ammuntion in the game, such as Mini Nukes, Alien Blaster Rounds etc.

Craftable pre-war and manufactured weapons and armor(optional):

  • Adds pre-war, factory produced and military grade weapons, armor and clothing to the list of craftable items.
  • Balanced and varied component requirements and perk requrirements for all these items aswell.

Craftable power armors (optional):

  • Adds craftable power armor parts for every type of power armor to the weapons crafting workbench.

Craftable junk (optional):

  • Adds a another workbench where you can craft your junk items.
  • Makes loads of different junk items craftable, which you can use to decorate your settlements.

Faction and Quest Requirements (optional):

  • Requires the player to have completed the associated quests and/or joined the corresponding faction before crafting faction- or quest specific items.

Removed Crafting Workbench Experience (optional):

Removes experience gain from crafting items at the workbenches added through the mod (not default ones).

Automatron DLC support (optional):

  • Adds some new craftable items from the Automatron DLC.

Manual installation:

  • 1. Manually download the .zip file containing the mod.
  • 2. Open the .zip using a file archiver.
  • 3. Extract the required base file CraftingWorkbench.esp, all the folders plus any optional .esp plugins you want.
    You can read what they do in Feature overview above.
  • 4. Extract your chosen files into the Data folder (not in any subfolder) of your Fallout 4 installation.
  • 5. Open plugins.txt (located in C:\Users\-username-\AppData\Fallout4) and add the name of the .esp files you chose to the list.

The recommended load order is:

Crafting Workbench.esp (required, this has to be placed before the optional plugins for the game to launch)
Crafting Workbenches - Ammo.esp (optional)
Crafting Workbenches - Ammo Expanded.esp (optional, needs Ammo.esp to work and has to be placed after it in the load order)
Crafting Workbenches - Ammo Special.esp (optional, needs Ammo.esp to work and has to be placed after it in the load order)
Crafting Workbenches - Pre War and Manufactured.esp (optional)
Crafting Workbenches - Power Armor.esp (optional)
Crafting Workbenches - Junk Items.esp (optional)
Crafting Workbenches - Faction and Quest Requirements.esp (optional)
Crafting Workbenches - Removed Crafting Experience.esp (optional)

Manual uninstallation:

  • 1. Remove all files associated with the mod from your Data folder.
  • 2. Remove the name of the .esp files you used from plugins.txt.


Crafting Workbenches – NMM -2451-2-2.zip 5.5 MB

Credit: drdanzel

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