Cyan’s Armor Mod

This mod adds some new features:

  • Ballistic Weave has been expanded to include all reasonable clothing, outfits, and hats. Includes three options covered below,
  • Dog Armors have been given some energy and damage resistances,
  • New chest armor upgrades that combine Asbestos and Explosive upgrades together,
  • New headlamp for Combat Armor Helmet with five different color variants,
  • New night vision upgrade for Marine Tactical Helmet with four different options to choose from,
  • New power armor jetpack,
Cyan's Armor Mod
Cyan’s Armor Mod


  1. The download contains the main files with the addition of two compatibility patches for use with my Legendary and Weapon Mods.
  2. Place “Cyan’s Armor Mod.esp” into your Data folder.
  3. Now copy the Mesh, Scripts, and Sound folders to your Data folder.

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