Don’t Call Me Settler Mod for Fallout 4

Automatically assigns a real name to settlers.



  • Automatically gives names to settlers, covers pre-existing settlers, existing settlers , random-events settlers and new settlers.
  • Names are appropriate for gender,those names come from Fallout3/NV, ‘Codsworth/recognized names List’,
  • Dynamically assigns a job title to settlers according to their real jobs(Farmer, Scavenger, Doctor, etc.)
  • In-game gender ratio settings(0% Female, 10% Female, …. 100% Female).
  • In-game Settler Protection Tweaks(Essential, Protected, Mortal) , covers unique and generic settlers, companions and synths untouched.
  • In-game Settler spawn rate(0 X Vanilla rate, Vanilla rate, 1.5, 2, 3 X Vanilla Rate).
  • In-game Settler Random Height.
  • The Settlement Toolbox that has a ton of tools helps you manage your settlers and settlements easily.
  • This mod works extremely well with Better Settlers , one of greatest mods adds more than 70 new settlers. Highly recommend it. Any load order works, top or bottom doesn’t matter.

How to use

Adds a Holotape to your inventory, play it with your pipboy to configure in-game settings. In a new game, the holotape will be added as soon as you get the pipboy. This mod is very easy to use, actually you don’t need to use it, if you install it properly, the primary features will run automatically.

Settlement Toolbox

Call unassigned Settlers

  • summon all unassigned settlers in a settlement to follow you.

Burn! Baby! Burn!

  • Burn all dead things in the settlement.
  • Items in dead things will be transfered to workshop.

The Power of The General.

  • Assigns unassigned settlers to unassigned resources.
  • Priority: Food > Guard Posts > Shops > Workstations.
  • You need to build enough resources by yourself.
  • This tool is unavailable until “Old Guns” is completed.
  • Being hostile to the minutemen will disable this tool.

Enemy Spotted!

  • this tool is a guarantee to complete “Help Defend XXXXXX” quests.
  • Automatically starts when a settlement is under attack.
  • Plays a noticeable sound(siren) on your pipboy.
  • Puts a quest flag on a target who is attacking the settlement.

This is my bed!

  • Lock/Unlock a bed in a settlement.
  • Settlers will never sleep in the locked beds
  • How to lock a bed:
    • If this tool is activated, sleeping in a bed will automatically lock this bed
  • How to unlock the locked beds
    • You can only have one locked bed in one settlement. Locking a bed will unlock another locked bed.
    • Assigning a settler to the locked bed, storing the locked bed will unlock this bed.
    • Deactivating the tool will unlock all locked beds.

Damaged resource tracking

  • Mark all damaged resources with quest flags in a settlement


DCMS170-11306-1-70.7z (1977 downloads)

Credit: a1a3a6a9

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