Endless Warfare

Endless Warfare adds 1475 scripted Spawn Markers throughout the Commonwealth that can be fully configured on your pip boy. This only includes the exterior world space. There are no Spawn Markers placed in the interiors or any of the settlements.

However, there is an increased vanilla NPCs feature included which allows you to increase the number of vanilla NPCs anywhere in the game.


  1. A Spawn Controller and Companion Controller will automatically appear in the aid section of your pip boy’s inventory
  2. Configure any combination of factions that you want to create the most epic battles
  3. Configure NPCs to respawn with an adjustable timer that will allow battles to wage on endlessly
  4. Configure a random chance modifier to randomize the NPCs that spawn
  5. Configure increased vanilla NPC spawns to keep it lore-friendly while still adding a challenge
  6. Configure the health and attack damage of spawned Feral Ghouls and special settings to have Ferals die instantly from headshots and only spawning at night
  7. Configure a quick cleanup option to quickly remove dead NPCs
  8. Presettings to configure everything for you
  9. Spawn as many companions as you want from a list of over 100 companions who will follow and aid you in your battles
  10. Companions come with their own settings menu which features most of the same options as vanilla companions plus more
  11. Customizable companions with the option to allow you to fully customize their appearance to create any companion you want
  12. A Set Name gun to set the name of any NPC from a list of 372 names to choose from
  13. Various other options


This mod mostly only adds things to the game without modifying any of the vanilla content which should make it compatible with any other mod.

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