Enhanced Weapons

This mod currently adds 3 new gun types:

  • Rusty (-Accuracy, -Damage, -Reload Speed -value)
  • Enhanced(+Accuracy, +Damage, +Reload Speed +value)
  • Pristine(Better stats than enhanced)

Each of these types has different stats and rarity in the world. All the guns have been Incorporated into the leveled loot system, and the enemy spawning system in as lore friendly a way as possible.And All the guns are as mod-able as their vanilla counterparts

Guns affected:

  1. 10mms
  2. Fatmans
  3. Flamers
  4. Gamma guns
  5. Gauss rifles
  6. Assault rifles
  7. Combat rifles
  8. Combat Shotguns
  9. Double Barrel shotguns
  10. Gatling Lasers
  11. Hunting rifles
  12. Pipe guns (bolt, revolver, regular)
  13. Submachine guns
  14. Laser muskets
  15. Institute Laser guns
  16. Laser guns
  17. Miniguns
  18. Missile Launcher
  19. Plasma Guns
  20. .44 (V1.2)

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