Fallout 4 Seasons Mod for Fallout 4

Inspired by pictures of modern day Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini Atoll (23 nuclear devices!) and Chernobyl.

This Mod may drop your FPS: Textures range from vanilla to 4k (there are some vanilla 4K textures by the way!).

Look at screenshots:


  • FALL SEASON – Bright autumn foliage and plants. Harvest time looks for appropriate crops.
  • WINTER SEASON – It’s snow everywhere folks! Most everything is dead or dried out or slumbering. (Try Nuclear Weather – SNOW as an add-on!)
  • SPRING SEASON – Quite colorful! Green time for crops, and bright blooming flowers and plants!
  • SUMMER SEASON – Less bright greens, few flowers, harvest time looks for appropriate crops.


The full ownership of the Seasons Project mods has now been transferred to the most excellent modder frogprincessQ4 for future updates & add-ons to the mod. GameDuchess will remain available for now to help with assistance and support as she can, but please consider Froggie the Seasons Project mod author from this point forward.


FO4 Seasons Autumn 3.0-5810-3-0.rar

FO4 Seasons Spring 3.0-5810-3-0.rar

FO4 Seasons Summer 3.0-5810-3-0.rar

Fo4 Seasons Winter 3.0-5810-3-0.rar

Credit: GameDuchess

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