Far Harbor Ballistic Weave

In the Far Harbor DLC, there is lots of cool clothing and armor added. Although some of the clothing and armor have the Ballistic weave option some of them does not. So this mod adds the ballistic weave to all the clothing (that don’t have it already) from the far harbor.

Here is a list of the items (if you find something missing then most likely it has the option available in vanilla):

  • Diver Suit
  • Marine Wetsuit
  • Marine Tactical Helmet
  • Hunter’s Hood
  • Hunter’s Pelt Outfit
  • Inquisitor’s Cowl
  • High Confessor’s Helm
  • High Confessor’s Robes
  • Lobster Trap Helmet
  • Coastal Armor
  • Fisherman’s Hat
  • Wool Fisherman’s Cap
  • Old Fisherman’s Hat
  • Chase’s Uniform
  • The Captain’s Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Vault 118 Jumpsuit

Incompatibilities: This should work with all mods except mods that alter any armor or clothing from the far harbor.

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