Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks Mod

This mod aims to fix the out blown lights in Fallout 4 both indoors and outdoors and remove skylights a.k.a FakeLights indoors. It does also remove bloom if you want to (look in file section). It goes very well with Unforbidable’s Darker Nights. I’m using Darker Nights Level 1 with this mod and it looks great.

I’ve spent many hours tweaking for “correct” values in the lightning system so i hope it looks good in the whole game.

To remove FakeLights on the character and enemies go to Documents\Mygames\Fallout4\Fallout4.ini and under [General] add this line
sStartingConsoleCommand=cl off or you can download ENBoost and disable it from there.

If you want to remove fog too you can also add setfog 1 0 like this sStartingConsoleCommand=cl off;setfog 1 0 however radstorm and misty days looks kinda wierd with all fog disabled, you may want to get a mod that disables just specific fogs.


Download: (129 downloads)

Credit: Fr4nsson

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