Homemaker – Expanded Settlements Mod for Fallout 4

Homemaker is a mod that greatly expands on the vanilla crafting system for settlements, and adds over 1000 new, fully-balanced objects to craft, ranging from cars, to refrigerators to working street lights and everywhere in between! The mod also features a new Institute build set, with placeable snapping walls, floors, stairways and more! Whether you’re a mad scientist, longing for the good ol’ days, just trying to scratch out a new living in the wastes, or a sadistic raider, Homemaker has something for you!

Update News: 1.33 is mostly a bugfix release which will hopefully improve usability of the mod. Items of note were some re-models of several problematic meshes, such as the greenhouse roofs, vault catwalk stairs and the brick building stairs, so that they are more easily placeable and in the case of the stairs, have proper navmeshing. This may cause them to move, however, and you will need to replace (store/scrap) the greenhouse roofs to avoid invisible walls. I also tweaked the multi-story walls a bit , fixed a couple missing properties, and added a few items here and there. You can see more info on the changelog here. I did manage to fit another build set in, however! Some of you may recognize it from a previous addon that was floating around, but the set incorporates bits of the vanilla retaining wall set with the addition of some custom meshes by Jayrun! It’s currently split between the Fences/Concrete Fences and Landscaping/Paths categories for the walls and floors respectively. See the pictures for more info, and see below for more info on the much larger 1.32 update.

1.32 is an update focused on bringing the mod up to a consistent, high-quality standard. Because of this, the focus has been primarily on fleshing out and developing items already added by the mod. To that end, I went through every single item and recipe in the game, added missing properties, adjusted recipes, icons and place/pickup sounds, and tried to make as many things as user friendly as possible. A full changelog can be found here. This update also adds a patch that fully ports the mod over to use the SK resource. Note that this is a patch so you will still need the full Homemaker.esm file, and it is recommended you delete the patches previously added by the mod.

Fences and walls received a lot of attention this update. I added snap points to all the mod-added chainlink fences, Junk Fences, and wrought-iron fences, as well as to the BoS Airport barriers and walkways. I also added snap points to the shop and diner counters added by the mod, which fit well together. Navmeshing was also looked at, with many fixes being tried for it, namely for the vault catwalk stairs, the the aforementioned BoS barriers, and several other assorted pieces from various build sets. It’s mostly hit and miss at this point, and I’ve noticed some NPC’s will use it fine for a second, then suddenly forget how to walk up stairs and immediately walk around it. A true fix will have to wait for the GECK.

As part of the general polish of this release I also examined the majority of the build sets in the game. The Brick building set was completely redone, making it much more feasible to actually build buildings with. I also added several new pieces to it, such as various types of roof pieces, corner doorways, and stairs with railings. Also expanded upon was the warehouse building set, which featured a near re-do of most of the sets snap points, as well as a the addition of another variation of the set, featuring much, much taller walls (see the screenshots for examples). The greenhouse set was expanded as well, with unbroken glass versions of most of the set being added. The Institute set received by far the most polish, with window walls being re-done using custom models, half balcony railings added, wonky textures being changed and more. Another structural bit of note is that all multi-story walls were also changed to use new custom modeled spacers, which not only look much better but lose that awful flickering. Bounds were also changed for most of the sets to help them snap together much easier, especially with corners.

Lastly, even though the focus was on polish, I still managed to add a good bit of new material, including a fully navmeshed snappable Diner set! This can be seen in the pictures above, and works very well together. Other additions of note are a variety of new plants, including some pre-war grass (hopefully I’ll be able to add more grass in the future), several pre-war items I missed, trash cans, arcade machines, a new prefab building, and a custom-modeled interior doorway for the wood shack set, which is also navmeshed. Work on the next update will proceed in the coming week or so, so stay tuned!


Here are a few examples of what the mod adds:

  • 7 New Build Sets – Urban Brick Buildings, Coastal Pier Shacks, Institute Houses Greenhouses, Bunkers, Diners and Warehouses! All sets are as navmeshed as I could possibly make them and should work with NPC’s , with the exception of a couple Bunker doors. The brick building set has some known issues, all of which are marked in the items description, but it should be fixed next release.
  • Large prefab buildings, such as Covenant Houses, Radio Towers, and lighthouses, to help give a bit more flavor to your settlements!
  • An overhaul of many of the vanilla categories to make many objects easier to find. The category imprint of this mod is much lighter now, and a patch that ports the mod over to the SK framework is also available
  • Hundreds of new decorative objects, ranging from cars, to trees, to coffee machines and much, much more! Now includes Institute monitors and other wall-mounted objects
  • New farmable crops – Silt Beans and Tarberries, and working planters like the kind found at Greygarden or Vault 81.
  • New Beds, Chairs, Toilets, Showers, Counters and other household objects, from both pre- and post-war! The beds also all count to your settlements bed total, and yes, bunk beds and double beds count as two separate beds.
  • Tons of new usable lights ranging from candles, table lamps, fluorescent lights, fire barrels, lanterns, and even working streetlights! All electric lights use passive power like the other non-connectable vanilla lights.
  • Tons of new fences and misc barriers that can be used in your settlements, including chainlink fences, covenant walls, BoS style military barriers, Gunner barricades, and many more!
  • Many, Many other new buildable objects. Try it and see for yourself! The vast majority of objects have proper icon scaling and balanced recipes, and those that don’t will be getting it soon!

Install Instructions:

Download using NMM and follow the included installer to select which compatibility patches or optional patches you want to use

When installing manually, ensure your INI is configured to allow archive invalidation, then extract the Data folder of the mod to your own data folder, overwriting if prompted.  Then select any patches you may want to use from the Patches folder. The patches currently are:

The patches currently are:

  • Three Build Set Disablers – Disable bunkers, greenhouses or both.  Use only one esp at a time.
  • Settlement Keywords Patch – Integrates the mod into SK’s menu structure
  • Unlocked Institute Items – use if you want to have institute items unlock before completeling Institutionalized.  Use the Settlement Keywords version (SK) if you used any of the settlement keywords patches above.

Load order:

The recommended load order for the mod is as follows:

Homemaker - SK IntegrationPatch.esp
SnB - Patches.esp

The two separate patches make no edits to each other so they are fully compatible to be used together.


Homemaker 1.35-1478-1-35.zip 19.4 MB

Credit: NovaCoru

Here are some solutions that have been found to some of the more common issues  people have been having with the mod:

  • Crashing when selecting a category – usually this happens on the Institute structures category, but can happen anywhere objects with altered models are stored.  It is typically caused by a missing mesh, which either means your INI isn’t set up properly, or the folders didn’t copy over correctly.   See this link for more instructions on how to set up your INI file.  If that doesn’t fix the issue, try re-copying the meshes folder from the Homemaker zip file into your Fallout 4\Data folder, and overwrite when prompted.  Also try reinstalling the mod in NMM if you used that to install.
  • INI in Data folder – It has been reported that some people have been having an INI in their data folder with the latest patch that is causing crashes with the mod. If you are experiencing crashes and find you have one, try renaming or moving it out of the folder and see if that helps fix your crashes.
  • Missing categories – If categories are missing, that means you are using a mod that is overwriting the categories added by this mod, such as SSEx or OCDecorator.  If you do use a mod like this, make sure to get the compatibility patches for them if they are offered (I host patches for the aforementioned mods on the main page).  Ensure that the patches are loaded later then the mods that they are patching, and make sure to check to make sure that two patches don’t conflict with each other either.  If two mods or patches do conflict and the mod author doesn’t offer a fix, then check my compatibility section for a quick rundown of how to do custom patches in FO4Edit.
  • Crash on loading SSEx patch –  Generally this is caused by load order issues,  check the recommended load order in the install section for an example of how to set this up. Load order can be changed through NMM or another file manager by making the patch load lower then the mod that its altering.
  • Missing Institute items – Unless coupled with the missing categories issue, this is not necessarily a bug, more of a misunderstanding.  The Institute items and build sets only unlock while you are a member of the Institute, and you will lose access if you are no longer a member of the faction.  To gain access to the items without being a member, use the Unlocked Institute Objects patch in the files section, or type “player.addtofaction 5E558 1”  (no quotes) in the console (~) to add yourself to the Institute faction.  Type “player.removefromfaction 5E558” to remove yourself from it when done.
  • Mod/Mods do not load after game update – Bethesda forgot to remove the beta patches’ mod restriction from the latest update, making it so the launcher automatically deactivates all mods when it starts.  You can work around this by keeping NMM or another mod manager up while the game is launched, and re-activating the mods you want to use while the launcher is still open.  EDIT –  NMM’s latest update contains a workaround for this issue, and I think FO4MM was also able to fix it.  Make sure you’re using the latest version of these tools (whichever your preference)
  • Crashes/Glitches after upgrading from ESP version (1.11) to ESM –  This is a problem inherent with the use of TESVSnip utilities, as they have issues with causing save game corruption.  Unfortunately, when upgrading from the ESP to the ESM, it can make any previously present corruption worse and cause all sorts of issues, ranging from minor visual glitches to full CTD’s.  There is not much that can be done to fix saves that have been corrupted in this manner, so unfortunately I would either recommend starting a new game with the ESM version or continuing to play with an old version of hte mod until you’re ready to start a new save.
  • Mod Organizer – It has been reported that the current version of Mod Organizer has problems loading meshes properly, which can cause CTD’s.  I have not verified this as I do not use this utility, but if you do and are experiencing crashes, try switching to another tool like NMM and see if it alleviates it for you.

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