Ice Cold Nuka Mixing

You get the new Nuka-World DLC and imagine your surprise when you discover you can create new Nuka-Cola flavors by mixing together different kinds of Nuka-Cola.

How To Use:

  • By using any of the new Nuka-Mixer Stations created from the Nuka-World DLC you will find two new tabs.
  • Soda Mixer (Ice Cold) – Contains every soda mixing recipe found in Nuka-World.This normally yields one regular Newka-Cola but you will get an Ice Cold Newka-Cola instead with this recipe.
  • Soda Warmer – Like the name says, contains a recipe to “convert” every ice cold variant into its regular counterpart.

Chilling Beverages:

There are mods to chill beverages so this won’t be a feature. Alternatively, you can use Drinking Buddy from the vanilla game. If you’ve sold Drinking Buddy to Rufus you can find him at the Hotel Rexford situated in Goodneighbor.

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