Immersive Water Purification

Immersive Water Purification is a complete overhaul of radiated drinking water in Fallout 4. The goal of this mod is to make obtaining clean water more of a challenge, both for you and for your settlements.

More Intimidating Coursers

This mod changes the stats of courses, as well as giving many of them Institute X-01 Power Armor.

Immersive Coffee Mod

This mod adds a recipe in the Cooking Station for “Immersive Coffee” that gives you Caffeinated buff in HC and fixes a bit of HP. Make it with water and silt bean.

Immersive Vendors Mod for Fallout 4

Immersive Vendors improves all craftable stores with visible products and new variants for the level 3 vendors. The goods will only display if a vendor activates his stall.

Tactical Flashlights Mod

Tactical Flashlights adds 6 wearable flashlight models to the wasteland. Each piece occupies different armor slots, has different stats and bonuses, and some allow ballistic weave to be applied.