Immersive Water Purification

Immersive Water Purification is a complete overhaul of radiated drinking water in Fallout 4. The goal of this mod is to make obtaining clean water more of a challenge, both for you and for your settlements.

Scattered throughout the wasteland are rare and amazing pieces of pre-war technology. The Water Chip. Rumor has it, they were used by the old vaults. Once you obtain a few of these, you’ll be able to craft water purifiers which can provide fresh, clean water for everyone.

This mod does:

  • Water production in settlements is now similar to food production. You must assign settlers to work at a new station called the “radiation removal station”. This change has drastic as impacts on what settlements can produce.
  • Settlements are now more picky about what they drink. You cannot satisfy a settlement’s water need by placing dirty water in the workbench, it has to be purified water.
  • Automated water purifiers are the ultimate goal.
  • Crafting water by the player now requires cloth and antiseptic. It has also been moved to the chem station.
  • Radiation from dirty water that you drink is reduced by 50%.

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