Item Transfer Station

This mod adds a crafting station that allows the player to grab actual items from any settlements that are connected via the trade route. The station has recipes for common items such as water, ammo, food, etc. Each item can be crafted by using the exact same item. So 1 purified water costs 1 purified water. This allows you to craft water with the water contained in other settlements, assuming they are connected.

This mod aims to improve survival mode experience by eliminating long walks between settlements simply because you forgot your ammo or want to collect your caps from all of the merchants in all of the settlements.

After this initial investment, the items can be transferred at no cost. On top of this, the local leader 2 perks are required to fit FO4 crafting standards.
Transferable Items:

  • Weapons:
    Frag Grenades
    Frag Mines
  • Ammo:
    .38 rounds
    .308 rounds
    .45 rounds
    Fusion Cells
    Plasma Cartridges
    Fusion Cores
    10mm rounds
  • Aid:
    Purified Water

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