Korax Glowing Flora

If you are into harvesting plants and flowers then this mod may be of interest to you. The mod made any plant that can be harvested glow, making it easier to detect if you are roaming around the Commonwealth or Far Harbor during the day or night. Also once you harvest any plant then it will no longer glow.

The first options page is where you will select the intensity of the glow that you prefer.

  • select “discreet” where it is nearly invisible during daylight and more visible at night.
  • select “visible” where it’s pretty visible during the day and very visible at night.
  • select “bright” where it will be very visible during the day and ultra-visible at night.

The second option screen will let you choose which plants you would like to have a glow.

  • select “All” which will probably be what most people will select.
  • But in case there are certain plants you may not want to glow you will have the option to pick and choose.

The last option page is actually for two fixes that this mod offers.

  • The first is to make the wild mutfruit act the same way as the regular mutfruit when harvested.
  • The second fix is to make the wild razorgrain harvestable.

When you are done click finish and when prompted select yes to all.

I recommend to your attention the following mod: No more floating razorgrain.

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