[Fallout 4 Mods] Legendary Modification

This mod allow you to craft legendary modification on your armors, weapons and even power armors.

Work with item that CAN HAVE legendary attribute such as the legendary weapons and armors pieces you find.


Version / Difficulty

Legendary Modification – Easy – Standard

  • Able to craft/make legendary modification to you gears
  • CANNOT detach mod
  • Very simple, and very easy with other MOD/Language

Detachable – Very Easy

  • Able to craft Legendary
  • CAN detach mod and place on different item

Detach Only – Normal

  • CANNOT craft legendary
  • CAN ONLY detach and transfer existing mod to new item

Trade In Only – Hard

  • CANNOT craft legendary WITHOUT scrapped material from legendary
  • ONLY legendary scrap “Effect Chip” to make a new legendary mod
  • CANNOT detach mod

Recommended Mod with this version Customize Legendary Enemy Spawning by The Iron Rose

CHEAT Version – Cheat

  • No perk requirement
  • No material requirement
  • No level requirement


Most immersive version
Crafting legendary

  • Crafting legendary mod will require the materials from the game and along with the scraped legendary material “Effect Chip”
  • When legendary are scraped they will give different amount of Effect Chip. It will very base on the legendary mod that you scraped
  • All legendary weapon mod will not have a Perk requirement. Require Level is listed in README
  • No Detaching

Unlocking Legendary Mod
Leveling up you character will unlock legendary modification. It’s just base on player level.

  • Starting at level 10 you will slowly learn legendary armor modification as you level up
  • Starting at level 13 you will slowly learn legendary modification for weapons
  • Starting at level 20 you will unlock Power Armor legendary modification

All the modification require level to be unlocked


Legendary Modification-4042-1-75.rar 1.8 MB

Credit: teaLz

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