Leveled List Weapon Inject Script

This script is intended to help mod authors add their weapons to the leveled lists. It does not require any scripting knowledge to use, simply fill in the fields in the Creation Kit.

How to use:

  1. Download and extract this mod to your `Fallout4/Data` folder (or just download with NMM).
  2. Open your mod in Creation Kit and create a new Quest.
  3. Add an ID for the quest. You don’t need to touch any of the other settings, the default settings will run the quest as soon as the player loads into the game.
  4. Go to the `Scripts` tab and click `Add`.
  5. Search for `WeaponLLInject` in the script box. It won’t appear as a compatible script unless you have saved the quest and reopened it – so just check `incompatible` and select the script.
  6. Fill in the fields with your weapon of choice and which lists you want it added to, and the required player level for it to appear on that list.

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