[Fallout 4 Mods] Live Dismemberment

Inspired by the musings of musical artists such as Blue Stahli and Carpenter Brut, I bring you the pinnacle of brutality-based engineering – your very own .esp that allows you to FUCK!NG KILL anyone who stands in your way with the power of mutilation! Now, after crippling an enemy’s limb, the limb in question has a chance (or guarantee!) of blowing into bits or falling off, depending on the situation!

Your options are as follows:

  • Liebermode: For when you want mutilation, but you don’t want much of it! Makes mutilation relatively rare but not to the point that you’ll never see it.
  • Regular: The standard package! Tear off limbs now and then. Get angry. PISS ON BLOATFLIES. I FUCKING HATE BLOATFLIES
  • Brutal: A step above regular! Painful, but not too painful. Kind of like a gentle sack tap right before you FUCK!NG UPPERCUT YOUR FUCK!NG ENEMIES
  • Insane-o: Things are getting intense. More likely than not, you’ll mutilate your enemies. They deserve it.
  • Mental: You are not serious! Or are you? ARE YOU?! Extreme mutilation chance.
  • Mind-Blowing: Every crippled limb will always be mutilated… including the head.

As you can see, the variety is immense! No reason to not tear apart those horrible, worthless, meaningless, deadbeats who keep stealing my weapons… Dear God, I want to tear their arms off and make them beg for mercy… As I beat them to death with their own arms! HAHA! AHAHAHAH! HEEEEEE!

In addition to all of this, realistic headshot damage! Anyone who can survive a shotgun shell to the face does not belong in my world!

Adamantium Skeleton is your friend. Otherwise, you may meet a sudden and unfortunate end…


Direct Link:  Live-Dismemberment-16400-1.rar (172 downloads)

Credit: DeathclawAlpha

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