Lots More Settlers And Enemies

Lots More Settlers and Enemies adds >250 New Custom NPC faces to the game and makes them available in-game for:

  • Settlers
  • Raiders
  • Gunners
  • Children of Atom
  • BoS
  • Railroad
  • Minutemen
  • Scavengers
  • Triggermen (male only)

This mod does not replace any vanilla NPCs. Most of the added NPCs feature custom hair from my “Lots More” hair mods, and the custom hair is set as playable, so your character can use any of the custom hairstyles as well.

Non-Settlers will be immediately affected and will show up with a mix of old faces and new faces, but only newly spawned Settlers will draw from the New Bank of NPCs, so the Settler portion of this mod is best for new games.

You can, however, use the console command “recycleactor” on your current settlers and the “recycled” version of your settler has a good chance to be one of the new faces.

Far Harbor:

  • Also available is the optional LMSE – Far Harbor, which adds the Custom NPCs to your settler pool in Far Harbor, as well as adding 54 new male faces for Trappers.

If you are currently running these mods or my Better Settlers – The New Settlers – Beautiful Female Settlers Merged Patch mod, please see the KNOWN ISSUES section in file .txt in downloaded file

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