M.D. Wolfe’s Portable Field Equipment

This mod adds a new play style to the game, a combat engineer style focused on creating gadgets for use in combat rather than directly fighting.


  1. Field Turret MK I
    Requires:Science 1, Gun Nut 2
    Deploys:Basic Machine Gun Turret
  2. Field Turret MK II
    Requires: Science 2, Gun Nut 2
    Deploys:Advanced Machine Gun Turret
  3. Field Turret MK III
    Requires: Science 2, Gun Nut 2
    Deploys:Shotgun Turret

All items are craftable at the Chemistry Station and have requirements equal to their base built counterparts plus a few extra parts.

M.D. Wolfe's Portable Field Equipment
M.D. Wolfe’s Portable Field Equipment

How it works:

Field Turrets:The field turrets serve as placeable mines that you can lay down as needed. Once an enemy gets within proximity, or you shoot it. The turret explodes into a none damaging push back force and the turret appear in its place.

When not “popped” into a turret it can be disarmed and recoverable, however, once the turret is out it operates the same as any settlement turret of equal type, and can not be recovered. (You may want to use a portable scrapping gun mod until we expand the mods features to cover that issue.) Keep in mind this is a resource intensive way to play.

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