MK14 EBR Mod for Fallout 4

It’s a MK14 EBR. It’s essentially a modernised M14. Which itself is a modernised M1.

MK14-EBR-Mod MK14-EBR-Mod-1


Place everything into …..Fallout 4/Data. To add weapon into your game, type in ‘help mk14 4’, and note down the ID of the WEAP entry. Type in ‘player.additem id 1’ to complete the process.

  • (v1.1) AWKCR is now supported! Craft it at the Weapon Bench.
  • (v1.5) Found in Publick Occurrences
  • (v1.7) Found in a lot more other places now!


  • Brand new model with fully functional normal maps
  • Textures built ground-up with physically-based rendering in mind (ie. weapon will react with lighting).
  • Extensive system of mods to personalise weapon from DMR to CQB rifle.
  • Tailored balancing system to allow the player to balance this weapon along with other weapons in-game.


The rifle has a base damage of 55 33 (10% less than a hunting rifle stock). By default, it comes with a semi-auto standard receiver, short barrel, Mod 0 stock,
ironsights and a flash hider. Available mods are:

  • Flash hider
  • Muzzle brake
  • SuppressorLeupold CQBSS 1.1-8x
  • Elcan SpecterDR 1-4x
  • EOTech XPS3 – 1.2
  • EOTech XPS3 w/ G33 magnifier – 1.4
  • S&B 3-20×50 PMII – 1.5
  • Surefire M952V – 1.6
  • Swappable reticles (SpecterDR, XPS3) – 1.3
  • EBR Mod 0
  • EBR Mod 1 (CTR)
  • EBR Mod 1 (CTR w/ cheekrest)
  • EBR Mod 2
  • Long barrel
  • Short barrel

Receiver mods (semi and auto) – v1.1

Most of these mods will cosmetically affect the weapon. More mods to be added in the future.


MK14 131.2 MB

Credit: dazzerfong

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