New Calibers

This mod adds brand new calibers of ammunition to the wasteland to be found in containers and bought at stores. And allowing new weapons to use any ammo they wish and allowing completely different mods from different authors to use the same ammo.

There is some important information to know:

  • First off, the Vanilla Weapons Patch is no longer needed.
  • Second Off, you need BOTH Automation and Far Harbor DLC plus AWCKR to make this work (v3 and above ONLY)
  • Third Off, All the weapons patches will be combined into a single esp

The combined patch:
This file combines support for multiple weapon mods. version 1 will require an additional patch for WSE 2 as it was far enough into development when WSE 2 had released to make it unfavorable to start from scratch. Later updates will require WSE 2 (probably) This includes a leveled list integration for all weapons.


  • Either add to your data folder and then add to plugins list in app data (manual)
  • You will need the NewCalibers.esp installed first, then you can use any patch you like on top of that.You will always need NewCalibers.esp activated, anything else is your call.

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