No More Gaps Under Junk Fences

This mod extends the vanilla mesh of junk fences so that they will stick into the ground. The result is fewer gaps and holes between the ground and the bottom of the wall.

There is also an optional file which adds 17 walls. (Those walls are in the game files but are not used for crafting.)

Tip: Open the console, type “tcl” press enter and close the console, you can now place the walls closer to each other. Easy way eliminating gaps. Repeat the first step to disable no-clip.

How to install:

  • NMM:
    Download with the manager, double click to install.
  • Manual install:
    Simply extract everything in the .zip to the data folder.
    For the optional file only: Activate “BetterMoreFences.esp” in your mod manager.

If all of your mods are disabled, go to MODS in the game menu, go to load order and re-enable all your mods.

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