Nora’s Arsenal

This mod is a collection of clones of vanilla weapons (and one armor) that have been modified to have improved stats.
You’ll need to have Atomatron, Far Harbor, and AWKCR. These are hard dependencies and missing any of them will CTD your game. Nevertheless, you can remove it at any time without causing any save file issues.

The modifications are as follows:

  • Doubled base damage on all included weapons.
  • Doubled Crit Damage Multiplier.
  • Lowers the VATS AP cost of all included weapons to 10AP.
  • Minor exceptions to some of the above for specific guns. See the list below.
  • All of the weapons that have both pistol and rifle versions

Here are the weapons:

  1. Nora’s 10mm
  2. Nora’s Assault Rifle
  3. Nora’s Baton
  4. Nora’s Combat Rifle
  5. Nora’s Deliverer
  6. Nora’s Tesla
Nora's Arsenal
Nora’s Arsenal

Read file .txt to know more information about this mod.

To acquire any of these amazing weapons, simply open the console and type:

help “nora’s” 4
player.additem xxxxxxxx 1

Where the xxxxxxxx is the ID of the weapon (or the armor) you want.

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