P.A.M.S – Power Armor Movement Sounds for Fallout 4

After playing game while using power armor, i noticed that walking/running/sprinting sounds doesnt make me feel heavy, this mod fixes that, by adding some weight to vanilla power armor movement.

Power Armor Movement Sounds
Power Armor Movement Sounds

Requirements: None

Compatibility: Conflicts with any mod that alters power armor walking, running, sprinting, jumping, UI sounds.
Enclave version conflicts with fast enter/exit mods.

Recommended mod: Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul


Enclave v2 Beta-1544-Beta.rar 14.2 MB

PAMS Heavy-1544-1-2.rar 8.6 MB

PAMS Hydraulic-1544-1-1.rar 10.3 MB

PAMS Light-1544-1-2.rar 8.2 MB

PAMS Robotic-1544-1-2.rar 8.6 MB

Credit: ONIXer

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