Personal Paintings

This Mod Will Add blank Landscape and blank Portrait canvases for you to add your own paintings.

You Need to Keep Landscape at 512×256 and Portrait at 512×512.Its best to optimize the pictures
with riot its free.


  • Pick one of the Personal Paintings  main files
  • Then Use NMM to install or download the zip file and drag the data folder to your fallout 4 folder

How to use:

  • You have to have an image editing software
  • If you use photoshop or gimp you have to get there .dds plugin, so you can save in .dds all you have to do, is open one of the blank canvases from your Fallout 4\Data\textures\SetDressing\PP folder then add your own picture over the blank canvases and save as .dds overwrite the file and you done.

How to Get:

  • you will find them in the workbench decorations/wall decorations/painting

Photoshop Guide:

  • Open one of the canvases landscape or portraits you will see this on those pictures
  • Then open the picture you want you will see this on those pictures
  • Resize the picture to fit
  • Then save it
  • Now pick yes and you’re done

Gimp Guide

  • First, load the picture you want to use as a painting and scale the image to the size of the canvas then save it
  • Then you open up the canvas file then the image you want on the canvas that you just saved you click edit
  • You click copy visible then paste on the canvas
  • You click file and export to overwrite the file and it works just fine.

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