[Fallout 4 Mods] Pip-Boy Flashlight Mod

The default Pip-Boy light that has been in use since FO3 is an archaic tool. It emits a glow in all directions, including straight through your character. Similar games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033 use an actual flashlight beam. It really helps elevate the atmosphere, not only because it’s more realistic, but also because your vision cone is limited, creating more suspenseful gameplay.


  • Dynamic shadows.
  • Volumetric light.
  • Unique light spill.


  • 120+ light textures for Pipboy.
  • 120+ light textures for Power Armor.
  • 10 distance settings.
  • 2 emitter positions.
  • 2 sets of sound effects.
  • Alternate 3rd person animations.
  • Offset 1st person light mesh.
  • Control the color of your beam using the in-game options. (New in 5.0!)
  • Use together with Tactical Flashlights and get all new flashlight models for you and your followers.

Ease of use:

  • Fomod installer.
  • Fixes the vanilla lens flare bug.
  • No scripts or additional requirements.
  • Simply press the Pip-Boy light button and enjoy your new directional Pip-Light.


Unpackage the .rar file. Inside should be several numbered folders. The directory “fomod\images” contains all the preview images and their associated texture names.

  1. Open “00-Core”. Inside are 2 folders, “HeadEmit” and “PipboyEmit”, that control the position of the 3rd person light source. Place the contents of one of these folders into your data directory.
  2. Open “00-Textures”. The contents of each folder is subdivided into “pip” (pipboy) and “pa” (power armor). Place the contents of either of these folders into your data directory.
  3. Folders “01-20” are distance settings. Only choose one and place the contents into your data directory.
  4. Activate Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp


  • If you want to use alternate 3rd person animations, place the contents of “00-Optional\3rdAnimations” into your data directory.
  • If you want to use optional sound effects, open the “00-Optional\Sounds” folder. Inside is 2 directories labeled “Single” and “Double”, in reference to the click sound they make. Place the contents of either of these directories into your data folder.
  • If you want to offset the 1st person light source for more prominent shadows, place the contents of “00-Optional\1stLightMesh” into your data directory.

Manual Uninstall…

The following files must be removed from your game directory:

  • data\meshes\pipboy\characterassets\PipboyLowPlayer.nif
  • data\textures\effects\gobos\FlashlightGobo01.dds
  • data\textures\effects\gobos\FlashlightGobo01_d.dds
  • data\textures\effects\gobos\FlashlightGobo03_d.dds
  • data\Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp

If you are using sounds, you should also remove:

  • data\sound\FX\UI\PipBoyUI_PipBoy_LightOff.wav
  • data\sound\FX\UI\PipBoyUI_PipBoy_LightOn.wav

If you are using the offset 1st person light, you should also remove:

  • data\meshes\Clothes\Hats\MiningHelmet1stattachLight.nif

If you are using alternate animations, you should also remove the files inside:

  • data\meshes\actors\Character\Animations\Player
  • data\meshes\actors\Character\Animations\Weapon\GripRifleStraight\Player
  • data\meshes\actors\Character\Animations\Weapon\Pistol\Player


From Nexus

Direct Link: Pip-Boy Flashlight-10840-5-0-1.rar 29.6 MB

Credit: akkalat85

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