Plasma Swords

The sword is now brushed up, retextured and expanded with new upgrades for Fallout 4. Without modifications, the weapon does only energy damage. It should be affected by taking related perks or acquiring magazines which increase damage dealt with energy type (as well as melee type) weapons.

Blade types and colors are swappable, each with different effects.


  • Download the main file and extract it to your Fallout 4 data folder or install it with whichever favorite/preferred mod manager.
  • Also download the optional file to include the Plasma Sword among some of the game’s lists, making it available for sale or used by Synth enemies. Affected lists are in the Readme tab and in the readme file.

If one does not wish to use the optional file which hands Plasma Swords to merchants and to Synths, the weapon can be consoled to oneself using the ID which can be found in the ReadMe tab or in the readme file.

Swords should begin to show up in merchant’s inventories and with Synths between levels 25 & 30.


Plasma 7.5 MB

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