Bradberton Manor

This mod is a WIP.It just called Bradberton Manor as thought as he got his own town named after him might as well have his own manor as he must be kinda rich to own nuka world.

Hoarders Apartment Settlement Home

You can now use the abandoned apartment and modify it to your liking, now get out there and punch a kid in the guts, you monster.

Dry Rock Gulch Home

As the dry rock gulch my favorite place in nuka world just seem a shame there wasn’t home to live so I made a home with an armory as well.

Home Plate

This mod redesigned Home Plate and added my personal touch to the bleak wasteland. It is probably a tad feminine but you should enjoy it anyways.

Sparky’s Hideout

This mod adds a small wasteland home.It comes with every type of crafting workbench, a power armor stand, an itty bitty bit of lore, and a couple housewarming sweet rolls.