Portable Junk Scrapping

This mod adds the Scavver’s Toolbox to your game, a handy little item you can use to break down junk items into their base components. Using it is as simple as dropping the box on the ground and then activating it. When you do so, a menu with the following options will pop up:

  1. Store Junk: Transfers most of the junk in your inventory into the box, then opens the box so you can look over what was transferred and take back anything you don’t want to scrap. Remember to pull out any shipments that were transferred over!
  2. Scrap Junk: Scraps the junk that’s currently in the box, then picks the box up again. Anything that can’t be scrapped is transferred back to your inventory, too.
  3. Open Box: Opens the inventory of the box without transferring anything over.
  4. Pick Up: Picks up the box without scrapping anything it might contain. Anything inside it will be transferred into your inventory.
  5. Do Nothing:


This mod should work fine with pretty much everything, as it makes no edits to anything already in the game.


There are two different versions of this mod — one that has the scripts packed into a BA2 archive, and one that keeps them as loose files. You only need one of them. You should use the BA2 version, but if you have issues with the mod not working, you should try out the loose files version before anything else, as some people seem to have issues with scripts in archives not running properly.

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