Premium Pip Boy Black HD Mod for Fallout 4

Premium Pip-Boy Black HD Mod features a black matte finish simulating rubber painting, meaning the main parts won’t react to light in the same way as the steel finish ones. Plastic parts and the screen border also feature less reflective finish to make it look more realistic.It adds a logical explanation on why corrosion and oxide didn’t affect the Pip-Boy after 210 years.


  • Copy the “textures” folder and the “materials” folder to your “data” folder located in your Fallout 4 installation directory. Overwrite if asked.
  • Important! Edit this line in your Fallout4.ini:
  • sResourceDataDirsFinal=STRINGS\,
  • and leave it blank just like this:
  • sResourceDataDirsFinal=
  • That way, you’ll no longer need to add folders every time you install a mod that requires a new one.


Premium Pip-Boy Black HD 13.0 MB


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