PreWar Binoculars

This mod adds some much-needed binoculars to the game.

They are upgradeable to allow for night vision or recon functionalities, or both. The night vision can be toggled on and off by firing while you have a battery loaded. Batteries can be bought at ammo vendors, or crafted if you are using AWKCR. You only need one battery, they do not run out (as of yet).


  • Magnification – There are 4 different magnification options, 2x 4x 6x and 8x.
  • Body – Standard prewar body, or a lighter build that is more stable and allows for NV and recon attachments.
  • Recon Module – Marks spotted enemies on your HUD. Requires the light weight body.
  • Night Vision Module – Allows you to toggle between standard view and night vision view. To toggle the NV on/off you must have a battery loaded into the binoculars, and they you just press shoot to toggle modes. Batteries can be bought at ammo dealers. Requires the light weight body.

Where to find it:

  • The binoculars can be found as semi-rare loot in the commonwealth, or you can usually find one at gun dealers under the weapons tab. Mayor McDonough also has a pair in his office so he can keep watch of the city.
  • Batteries can also be found as loot, and general stores often sell a couple too under the ammo tab.

Alternatively, if you are using AWKCR you can craft the binoculars under the OTHER category in the Weaponsmith workbench, and batteries can be crafted under UNCONVENTIONAL AMMO in the ammunition workbench.


PreWar Binoculars.7z 6.6 MB

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