Refurbished Vault Furnishings

Some of the furniture items were just a little bit too dirty or damaged to fit in my otherwise spotless Vault.So this mod modified the textures a bit – removing rust and damage, freshening up the colors. That sort of thing.

Refurbished Vault Furnishings
Refurbished Vault Furnishings

This adds:

  • A diner booth with intact seats and non-rusted table
  • A crib for the nursery(this one I actually scuffed up a bit, the pre-war one was too pristine)
  • A bed with freshly laundered sheets(fits as both a children’s or hospital bed)
  • A Vault-Tec school desk(can not be used by adults)
  • A red-and-white-checkered Vault atrium floor piece(to build a Vault 81-style dining area)

Requires: Vault-Tec Workshop 

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