Ridiculous Handsome Morgan And Piper Presets

These are the presets for my main character, Morgan and his follower/love interest Piper.Both have several variations. See if you can figure out the chronological order for Morgans presets and you get a cookie.


  1. “Morgan – Anchorage 2066” ; Fresh out of training, clean cut, ready to kill Commies and yet to witness the horrors of war.
  2. “Morgan – Anchorage 2077” ; After the liberation of anchorage.
  3. “Morgan – Default” ; Our story begins here, 10 years on, Morgan is a retired war hero and proud father

There’re loads more to discover, the piper has 3 and morgan have about 10. All are variations on age and expressions.

You’ll need the looks menu mod for this to work, and I used True Eyes in the screenshots (but it’s not a required mod for this file)

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