Rogue Outfit – CBBE Mod for Fallout 4

Rogue Outfit – CBBE Mod adds 2 “Rogue Outfit” armours to the game. In black & white and in red. This was originally created by Alecu for Skyrim and UNP, I’ve ported it over to Fallout 4, made it work with CBBE and BodySlide.

Craft at Armoursmith Workbench under “Dapper Outfits”
20 damage res, 10 energy and rad res.
Upgradable with Railroad Ballistic Weave

I didn’t add the rogue gloves because the hand skeleton stuff was a nightmare and it would’ve been weirdy with Pip-Boy anyway.

Do note that the armour will look different shade depending on your graphics setup.

The textures are high res (2-4k)

Any comments about textures being too clean or “un-lore-friendliness” will be insta-deleted and at worst case, will get the commenter banned from my mods.

Credits: Alecu – Elianora


Armor & Weapon Keywords Community Resource

CBBE (and BodySlide)


Weighting is a bit derp since I can’t do it and I’m tired of bothering my modder friends with silly crap

Specular did some weirdyness while testing. Not sure if problem persists.


Wasteland INK – Heretic Tattoo

My Fenris face paint

Buncha reshades

Valkyr female face textures


Concealed Armours

Armoursmith Extended


CBBE and BodySlide/Outfit Studio by Caliente and Ousnius

:: Download: ::

Rogue_Outfit_1.2-11469-1-2.7z (153.1 MB)

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